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Audio Narration

Welcome to my blog! I started audio narration in May 2019, from my home studio. It has been an interesting journey so far! From setting up the recording space in my small walk in wardrobe cupboard, to gaining confidence with the actual narration, to learning how to edit and master audio and finally learning how to market my work. This blog is a little insight into the journey so far. I will attempt to keep this blog updated with my current progress and audio projects! Watch this space.

Most recent audio project

"Pillars of Avalon", my most recent narration project is due to be on sale at on 5 May 2020. This book was a great joy to read. 

Pillars of Avalon, Book 5 in the Canadian Historical Brides (Newfoundland) collection
I loved narrating this book because the story is created from real historical facts (and people) and formed into a fun and exciting novel where the listener indirectly learns about the time it is set (1600s) and can imagine the lives that people lived and also relate to the characters. Author Katherine Pym, who wrote this book with Jude Pittman, has included everything; adventure, romance, historical facts, humour and tragedy. 

David and Sara Kirke live in a time of upheaval under the reign of King Charles I who gives, then takes. He gives David the nod of approval to range up and down the French Canadian shores, burning colonies and pillaging ships that are loaded with goods meant for the French. When Louis XIII of France shouts his outrage, King Charles reneges. He takes David’s prizes and returns them to the French, putting David and his family in dire straits.

Undeterred, David and Sara will not be denied. After years, the king relents. He knights David and gives him a grant for the whole of Newfoundland and Labrador. There David and Sara build a prosperous plantation. They trade fish and fish oil with colonies down the American coast, Barbados and ports of call in the Mediterranean. They thrive while England is torn in two by the civil wars.

Soon, these troubles engulf his family. David is carried in chains back to England to stand trial for being a malignant, a follower of Laud's high church. He entreats Sara to manage the Ferryland plantation, a daunting task but with a strength that defies a stalwart man, she digs in and prospers, becoming the first entrepreneur of Newfoundland.

Lady Sara Kirke is considered today as the foremost North American Female Entrepreneur. Awards are given yearly in her honour by Candadian Women in Technology (CanWIT), a National non-profit network designed to boost women’s participation and advancement in the high-growth technology sector.

Available from 5 May 2020 at and from the end of July it will be available for sale at other retailers such as Downpour, Overdrive, Hoopla. 

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Previous audio projects

"Being Happy Always" by Steven Yessick was my first audiobook narration and it is for sale at This is a self-development book all about how we can aim to keep ourselves as happy as possible! It is filled with lots of good tips and ideas and it was a pleasure to read. If you would like a free code to download this book for free and then write a glowing review that would be great! Please contact me at for details. You can access the book and have a listen to the sample from this link:

My narration story so far


Firstly I had to think about the space I could use in my home for successful recording. My walk in wardrobe was perfect but it had to be made into a quiet space which meant carpet on the floor, sound insulation on the walls and installing a door with air vents. The insulation I use is foam acoustic wall panels; mine is about mid-range quality but does the trick. Next the equipment. I bought a Scarlett 2i2 Studio 2nd Generation USB audio interface studio pack which came with the audio interface, headphones and a microphone (about £150). A computer, microphone stand and a small shelf for the computer screen and keyboard (I had to drill holes out of the cupboard for the leads to connect to the CPU so that the noise did not affect recording) and a small light. 


I installed Audacity which is free software enabling me to record audio. I had to learn how to record which took some time, reading and research. Once I knew how to record I was then able to create a few audio samples which you can listen to on my website.    

My profile 

I set up a profile with Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) which is a marketplace for professional narrators, authors, agents, publishers and rights holders to connect and create audiobooks. In order to set up a profile I needed to create a website. This was a challenge but also a fun way to put my narration services into a professional format. My website is

Auditioning and narrating 

I set to work auditioning for narration jobs on the ACX marketplace and was lucky enough to be accepted quite early on! My work and learning continues and although there has been quite a few challenges along the way I have been determined to keep going and see where this exciting new journey takes me! It is not easy work. There are a lot of hours spent in my small studio with the actual recording which takes a lot longer than you would initially think. Then the editing process is long and can be tedious! and finally mastering the audio which is when the audio needs to have the perfect levels for an audiobook to be accepted - this can be long and sometimes frustrating but eventually when the book is finalised and accepted it is really hugely rewarding and hopefully listeners will enjoy the final product! The main aim of my work is to provide a pleasing, entertaining listen. 

About me!

Book I am currently reading: "The Book of Joy" by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu
Current favourite track I am listening to: "Walk a mile in my shoes" by Coldcut
Hobbies: My new vegetable patch 
Thought for the week: The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it.

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Thank you for reading and hopefully listening too! 

Audio Narration

Welcome to my blog! I started audio narration in May 2019, from my home studio. It has been an interesting journey so far! From setting u...